FL Police Chief Decrees New Patrol Strategy: Talk To Citizens Daily


A new approach to increasing the visibility of police in the city of South Daytona has officers and citizens talking, reports the Daytona Beach News-Journal. The police chief is asking officers to generate at least half a dozen reports during their 12-hour day. Chief Bill Hall insists the new policy is not a quota, but rather a way for officers to show him they are out on the street. Hall said he noticed a significant decline in his patrol officer statistics.

The police chief said the new policy isn't about money, it's about keeping the criminal element out. At the same time Hall said the number of citations decreased, leaders noticed an increase in more serious crimes. He said a crackdown in neighboring Daytona Beach has driven suspects south. Hall said the reports can be anything from citations and warnings to trespass notices. The police chief said in the seven months since the policy went into place, most officers have responded and become more visible.

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