Editor Devises Crime News Policy For 10 Central Ohio Papers


Tom Graser, managing editor of the Marion, Ohio, Star, writes about his efforts to put together a crime reporting policy for the 10 Gannett-owned newspapers in central Ohio. It goes into effect today. He said his work began when editors at the papers saw a need for a “unifying policy” on reporting crime. He writes, “I took the existing policies, standards and guidelines of 10 newspapers and combined them into one set off policies we could share.”

Glaser continued, “I started off with a big disclaimer: No compilation of policies and procedures can envision every circumstance that reporters, editors and copy editors will face in covering crime news. Careful judgment and common sense should be applied to make the decisions that best serve the public interest. When questions arise, consult an editor. Our aim is to responsibly publish as much crime news as possible, while respecting the privacy of victims.”

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