Chief Defends Louisville Officer With Long Record Of Misconduct


The Louisville Courier-Journel profiles Charles Randall Moore, who in 13 years as a police officer in that city has been suspended seven times and reprimanded on another eight occasions. He has been the subject of four criminal investigations, although he was never charged. Moore, 40, has accepted extra pay for court appearances he didn’t make, according to department records. He has maintained material of a sexual nature on his computer and repeatedly lied to his superiors, including once about a sexually explicit conversation with an informant.

Three times, Chief Robert White has promised that further violations “of this nature” would warrant termination. Yet Moore remains on the Louisville Metro Police force, drawing an annual salary of $48,776. His lengthy disciplinary history is about to become an issue in a court case in which Moore made an arrest more than two years ago. Asked about Moore’s record, Chief White accused reporters of “singling out” and “picking on” Moore, and asked, “What is your point?”

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