Chicago Leads 10 Places In Arrestees Testing Positive For Drugs


Chicago’s Cook County led 10 jurisdictions in the percentage of arrestees testing positive for illicit drugs last year, federal drug policy director Gil Kerlikowske said in releasing the annual Arrestee Drug Monitoring report. The study said that 82% of arrestees in Chicago tested positive. The survey said that more than half of study participants in each location tested positive for at least one drug. The lowest figure was 56 percent in Charlotte, N.C. The other cities in the study were Atlanta, Denver, Indianapolis, Minneapolis, New York, Portland, Ore., Sacramento and Washington, D.C.

The 177-page study said that only 1 to 10 percent of the arrestees reported getting outpatient drug or alcohol treatment in the past year; just 2 to 10 percent got inpatient or residential substance abuse treatment in the past year; and only 1 to 3 percent report receiving inpatient mental health or psychiatric treatment. Kerlikowske released the study at the American Correctional Association annual conference in Chicago. A spokeswoman for the Office of National Drug Control Policy said the document has not been posted online, but a pdf version is available through that office.

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