U.S. Probation Tracking System To Be Named For Slain Student


A federal program that tracks ex-cons will be named for Imette St. Guillen, the John Jay College criminal justice student murdered by a thug on probation, the New York Daily News reports. Her killer, Darryl Littlejohn, was on federal probation for bank robbery and should not have been working as a bouncer at a bar where he met St. Guillen in 2006. Federal probation officials failed to supervise him due to bureaucratic bungling, says the newspaper.

Law enforcement officials have tightened up the supervisory process with new software, and St. Guillen’s mother and sister suggested naming the new system after Imette. The death led to New York City’s “Imette’s Law,” which mandates more stringent background checks for barroom bouncers. Littlejohn is serving a life sentence for killing the 24-year-old grad student.

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