How Federal Agents Probed Violent Outlaws Motorcycle Club


Last month, federal agents spanned out over seven states to arrest more than two dozen members of the Outlaws motorcycle club and charged them with weapons and racketeering offenses. National Public Radio says the case “lifted a curtain on the violent lifestyle of one of the nation’s largest outlaw motorcycle gangs.”

“The investigation shows this group was a calculated criminal enterprise that was involved in trying to take over territory, narcotics routes, gambling establishments, and to utilize the brand of the Outlaws to facilitate criminal acts of not only themselves but other clubs,” said Rich Marianos, who supervised the Outlaws case for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Gang members follow rules: They have to be men ages 21 and older. They need to ride American-made motorcycles. They meet regularly in sessions they call “church,” and they pay dues, usually $100 a month, to cover legal bills and funeral expenses.

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