Crime Reports In Milwaukee Drop For 10th Consecutive Quarter


Reported crime in Milwaukee through the first half of this year is down 19 percent when compared with the same time period in 2007, says the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The newly released statistics show that reported crime in the eight major categories tracked by the FBI has decreased for 10 consecutive quarters in Milwaukee – every quarter since Police Chief Edward Flynn took over 2008. Violent crime is down 30.8 percent when compared with the first half of 2007.

Burglary is the only crime among the eight major offenses tracked by the FBI that has increased, jumping 3.7 percent. The drop in the city’s numbers mirrors a national trend that has seen crime in the eight major categories decrease across the country for three consecutive years. Criminologists attribute the decrease to several possible factors, including changes in policing strategies, improvements in crime-tracking technology, longer sentences for violent criminals, and a decrease in violent drug-related crime. The data provide only a partial picture of crime in a city because they do not include data on crimes below the top eight, such as simple assault or drug offenses.

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