Dallas Chief Extols Social Media Use, Proposes iWatchDallas


Speaking to a homeowners group, Dallas Police Chief David Brown said last night that it was time to use social media to enlist the city’s 1.3 million residents to help his officers corral the few thousand “unrepentant criminals.” Brown told the group about the benefits of iWatchDallas, a proposed online crime reporting system that he plans to push for, reports the Dallas Morning News.

“Most people won’t come to a traditional crime watch meeting,” Brown said. “Not the 20-somethings and 30-somethings.” Young adults are more comfortable with social media, and that’s the technology the chief said he wants to use to make neighborhoods safe. It’s how word got out that LeBron James was at the Galleria during the NBA All-Star weekend, and a crowd of 40,000 showed up there in half an hour. “That’s the power of social media,” Brown said. That’s the basis of a proposed iWatchDallas, an online system that residents could use to report suspicious activity and have those reports entered into a database that can be queried later to help identify criminals and clear property crimes. The system could be accessed through several social media sites such as Facebook.

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