All Eyes On Arizona As Immigration-Enforcement Law Takes Effect


With Arizona’s new immigration law set to take effect tomorrow, law-enforcement officers around the state are braced to become among the most scrutinized in the world as both sides of the heated debate wait for a misstep, reports the Arizona Republic. U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton could move to suspend enforcement of all or parts of the law based on several constitutional challenges.

Protesters who fear racial profiling are expected to descend on Arizona, intent on getting arrested for not carrying identification that proves their citizenship. Supporters of the law will keep a careful eye on police activities to detect any agency that may have instructed officers to not enforce the law to the fullest extent. Proponents hoped the measure would remove some discretion that police agencies have when it comes to enforcing immigration law, thereby prompting uniform enforcement. A survey of Arizona police agencies indicates there is anything but a uniform approach. Some officers have been instructed to try to verify status of suspects detained on the side of a road, while others have been told that anyone booked into jail will have their residency status checked, regardless of what kind of ID they are carrying.

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