Sen. Coburn Takes Aim At U.S.-Funded Anticrime “Recreation”


Senate Judiciary Committee member Tom Coburn (R-OK) has issued a report, “Party at the DOJ,” which contends that the Justice Department is funding “recreational activities” aimed at crime prevention. Coburn said the congressional Government Accountability Office found that the department “does not track the amount spent on recreational activities or the outcomes associated with those activities.” Among Coburn’s targets was a federally-funded anniversary party this month for McGruff the Crime Dog.

Coburn cited a manual for the Justice Department-funded Weed and Seed program that provided “event ideas for grantees, including sack races, three-legged races, water balloon and egg tossing competitions, dancing, bowling, roller skating, ice skating, kite flying, holiday parties, and even a trip to a local pizza restaurant.” The senator contended that congressional appropriations committees should hold oversight hearings to hold “officials, programs, and grant recipients accountable for how funds are being spent and to determine if the activities supported with those funds are effective.”

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