Miami Sex Offenders Still Homeless After Camp Was Cleared Out


Months after Miami-Dade County cleared out a camp of sex offenders living under a freeway, some of the former squatters are once again homeless, and many of the others are on the verge of being out on the streets again, reports the Miami Herald. Most are unemployed and unable to continue to pay the rent once the money that officials kicked in so they could find housing runs out.The inevitable result, some say, is that a sex-offender camp could emerge in a new location any day now.

“If they can’t afford rent, we may be back to square one,” said Jill Levenson, a professor at Lynn University in Boca Raton who is studying the impact of residency restrictions. “The problem with this solution it was only temporary, a band-aid.” The old bridge dwellers are now crammed into a few neighborhoods because of residency restrictions designed to keep them 2,500 feet away from where children gather. When the camp was torn down, officials promised to find housing for the 92 men and women and to pay six months’ rent — a $1 million project. Now that time’s almost up.

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