Could CA Pot Legalization Be A “Game Changer” For U.S.?


Jeff Wilcox of the San Francisco Bay Area “may be the face of Marijuana, Inc, the corporatization of cannabis,” Reuters reports. Wilcox recently persuaded Oakland to legalize industrial-sized marijuana farms, citing a study that promised millions in city taxes and hundreds of high-paying union jobs. Citing the Trader Joe’s grocery chain’s $2 bottles of wine, Wilcox told Reuters, “The new Two Buck Chuck will be $40 an ounce pot.”

If California legalizes marijuana this fall, the rest of the nation may well follow. Cut rate, highly potent California weed is unlikely to stop at the state’s borders. Even the cops who hate it see legal California marijuana as a different breed of drug — and a game changer for the U.S. “The stuff we are getting in California is fricking leading the world,” said Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Senior Narcotics Detective Glenn Walsh. “We already send marijuana all over the states, presumably all over the world.”

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