How Colorado Tracks Medical Marijuana “From Seed To Sale”


Matt Cook is senior director of enforcement at Colorado's Department of Revenue. Retail-style medical marijuana dispensaries began springing up in 2007 in his state, says the Washington Post. Officials believe more than 1,100 dispensaries are operating statewide. As the numbers grew, dispensaries offered ever more cannabis strains, marijuana-infused products, and delivery services. Cook has drawn up a stringent regulation scheme that aims to turn the industry into a legitimate – and respectable – enterprise.

“We plan to track the entire commodity from seed to sale,” he said. “We will use a Web-based, 24-7 video surveillance system, and we will see virtually everything from the time a seed goes into the ground to the time the plants are harvested, cultivated, processed, packaged, stored.” The regime may be copied by the 13 other states that already have legalized medical marijuana and the 14 additional states that could soon allow its use. Cook's counterparts in other states, as well as Washington, D.C., have been seeking advice.

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