DOJ Can’t Show Prisoner Re-Entry Grant Effectiveness: Audit


The Justice Department is doing a poor job monitoring the effectiveness of prisoner re-entry programs aimed at reducing recidivism, says a report from the department’s Inspector General quoted by The Inspector General could not determine if Office Of Justice Programs grants were successful in reducing recidivism rates because the office does not effectively track how the programs that receive grants spend their funds.

The report, which covered three grant programs spanning from fiscal year 2002 through January 2010, said that in many cases there was little documentation showing the office followed up with grantees after awarding them with funding. More than 50 percent of those released from prison will be in legal trouble again within three years, says the Justice Department. The grant programs provide services to high-risk offenders – such as substance abuse prevention and employment and training assistance – in the hopes of reducing the rate of recidivism. The Justice Department said it has taken steps to address many of the issues raised in the audit.

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