Tulsa Cops Indicted; 11 Cases Dropped Due To Frameups, Flaws


Indictments against five current and former Tulsa, Ok., police officers – including one who faces 58 counts of perjury, conspiracy to distribute drugs, witness tampering and other crimes – were unsealed yesterday in a federal police corruption probe, says the Tulsa World. Eleven people who have been freed from federal prison or had their federal or state cases dismissed as a result of the grand jury probe. Most were framed by police officers or were released because probable cause was not properly established.

U.S. Attorney Jane Duke, a special prosecutor from eastern Arkansas, is leading the grand jury, which is investigating reports of falsified search warrants, nonexistent informants, and stolen drugs and money by law enforcement officers in Tulsa. Thus far, the names of eight Tulsa police officers and one former federal agent have surfaced in the probe. Duke said the grand jury investigation, which began about two years ago, is ongoing and that “more indictments may be possible.”

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