Los Angeles County Rivals Northern CA As Pot-Growing Center


As this year’s marijuana-harvest season gets under way, law-enforcement officials are focused on Los Angeles County, which by some measures has bloomed into the nation’s most productive pot garden, reports the Wall Street Journal. Law-enforcement agents seized more than 734,000 pot plants in Los Angeles County last year–the highest number of seizures in the U.S. The haul surpassed those even in California’s most-prolific northern counties.

Northern California as a whole still grows most of the nation’s pot. The drastic spike in Los Angeles County pot-plant seizures has law-enforcement officials trying to figure out what is behind the increase, and whether it represents a real shift in the lucrative pot trade. “Is it that there are more grows out there, or are we getting better at finding them?” said federal Drug Enforcement Administration spokeswoman Sarah Pullen of the pot-growing camps in Southern California. “Was last year an anomaly, or is there something different going on in the state?”

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