Why Did It Take So Long To Piece “Grim Sleeper” Case Together?


The 11 killings attributed to Los Angeles’ “Grim Sleeper” went unsolved for so long in part because of a lack of witnesses and evidence, but also because Los Angeles County endured so many murders, some at the hands of other serial killers, that it it took a long time to confirm that the cases were linked, says the New York Times. “Bodies accumulated,” said Detective Clifford Shepard, a 25-year Los Angeles officer. “You just didn't have any information back then. It was an insane time.”

Lonnie David Franklin Jr., a mechanic and auto thief who lived among the victims, was arrested this month after almost a quarter-century of brutality, linked to the killings through a sophisticated use of DNA analysis. Most of the victims' bodies were found within two miles of his home in South Los Angeles. The Times says “the case sums up the long and painful history of a neighborhood where drug crimes, gang violence and an uneasy relationship with the police combined to hinder” Frankin’s arrest.

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