How Denver Minister “Flips The Script” For Parolees


The Rev. Leon Kelly of Denver, who turns 57 today, is rapidly focusing his life on keeping gang members he might have missed from re-offending and returning to prison, says the Denver Post. Last week, he graduated the second class of his “Flipping the Script” program, in which he works with 10 to 12 parolees to keep them from ever landing behind bars again.

In a recent class, “each of them looked me in the eye and told me they were tired of prison, that they wanted a life,” Kelly says. If they were ready, he would teach them how to change their life path, how to better communicate, how to get a job or finish their education, how to lead a happier and more productive life. “Not one of them had ever had someone, a father or other role model, who had ever respected them enough that they could trust and actually listen to,” Kelly says.

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