Justice Department To Merge Gang Unit, Organized Crime Section


The Justice Department will seek to merge the Criminal Division's Gang Unit and the Organized Crime and Racketeering Section in an effort to “ramp up” the department's prosecutions of international organized crime groups, reports MainJustice.com. The new unit will have 36 lawyers, said Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer.

“It seemed that if we had a larger group of prosecutors who had been very successful not just in organized crime prosecutions but in gang cases that that would give us, with our limited resources, more of an ability, and more of a flexibility to move lawyers depending on the moment,” Breuer said yesterday. “They can share strategies, there can be some efficiencies in scale. And I wouldn't have done this if I thought for one moment it was going to take away from the mission. It's going to enhance both.” The gang unit was established as a stand-alone section in 2007 to target major local, national and international gangs. Its emphasis has been on violent street gangs involved in narcotics and weapons trafficking.

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