Meth Lab Seizures Reported On The Increase In Oklahoma


By May’s end, Oklahoma law enforcement officers had seized nearly 300 meth labs, putting the state on track to exceed the 743 labs found in 2009, reports The Oklahoman, citing data from the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Control. Most of the labs seized are one-pot labs, said agency director Darrell Weaver.

The trend is far from contained because the components are cheap and easy to find. A 20-ounce water bottle, pseudoephedrine, camp fuel, chemical ice packs, and other common materials are all it takes to produce the drug. Recipes for the process are easy to find online, along with videos showing step-by-step directions. The state medical examiner has identified 26 deaths associated with meth this year, ranging from overdoses to accidents while cooking the drug. Last year, 68 such deaths were identified. One state agent said he’s seen operations where one cook with a setup of $30 or less will work out deals with as many as 10 people to score pseudoephedrine. They will bring the decongestant, and the cook will then split the dope.

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