Conservatives Say NRA Doesn’t Support The Movement Enough


The National Rifle Association is facing mounting criticism from allies on the right and on its own board over recent moves they say are selfish, short-sighted, and harmful to the conservative movement, says Supposed transgressions include considering an endorsement of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, endorsing moderate Republicans – and even Democrats – rather than more-conservative challengers, and taking a cautious approach to Second Amendment court cases and President Obama's judicial nominees.

Critics are especially angry about the group's willingness to play ball with Democratic leaders on campaign finance legislation vigorously opposed by congressional Republicans, powerful business groups, and nearly the entire conservative movement. “The NRA is all about the NRA – helping their organization and not necessarily the cause,” said conservative blogger Erick Erickson. The NRA's defenders say the powerful 138-year-old gun-rights group is simply doing what's necessary to maintain its seat at the table in a town completely controlled for at least another six months by Democrats. NRA lobbist Chris Cox said the criticism ignores the reason the NRA is such a powerful brand: it focuses on its core mission of advancing gun owners' rights, rather than on trying to advance the goals of the conservative movement.

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