81% Support Medical Marijuana In Pennsylvania Survey


Some Pennsylvania legislators are pushing for a bill that would make their state the 15th to legalize medical marijuana — if New York and Maryland don’t beat them to it, says the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. While U.S. marijuana use has shown a consistent decline since the mid-1990s, says the National Institute on Drug Abuse, that trend has stalled, with prevalence rates the same in 2009 as five years ago. Many affluent forty-somethings are lighting up after work, giving new meaning to “Happy Hour.”

One self-described “urban professional and mom” and wife of a successful lawyer, she likes to sit in her sleek, granite-and-maple kitchen on Friday nights and de-stress with a joint. “I do it once a week,” she said. “It’s a nice release from the week’s tensions, and I can feel my body calming down — and it’s less calories than wine.” A recent Franklin & Marshall poll found that 81 percent of Pennsylvanians supported making medical marijuana legal — up from 76 percent in 2006. Democratic and Republican candidates for governor oppose it, and a measure has not come up for a vote in either Senate or House. Medical marijuana’s passage in Pennsylvania is only a matter of time, contends bill sponsor Rep. Mark Cohen, a Philadelphia Democrat.

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