Texas Offers $1K Crime Stoppers Award For Sex Offender Tips


The Texas Department of Public Safety is trying to get the public’s aid to catch dangerous sex offenders who are on the run, reports the Dallas Morning News. The Texas Ten Most Wanted Sex Offenders list targets violent criminals who have failed to register as sex offenders or are in violation of their parole.

There is a $1,000 crime stoppers reward for tips that lead to the arrest of any offender on the list. The department is partnering with local law enforcement agencies across the state to identify the offenders “we want and need to get the most,” said Tela Mange, the department’s spokeswoman. All of the offenders are fugitives and considered to be threats to Texas’ communities. Mange said newer technology, such as texting or submitting a tip on the Internet, allows for more anonymity when reporting the whereabouts of fugitives. “We knew that with some of the new technology that’s available we might have people who wouldn’t have called before,” Mange said. All tipsters are given a unique number that allows them to track whether their tip led to a capture. If it does, the reward is paid out anonymously using the same number.

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