Utah Makes It Easy For Nonresidents To Get Gun Permits


With the new Supreme Court ruling that the Second Amendment's guarantee of an individual's right to bear arms applies to state and local laws, Utah is a popular player in Americans' efforts to legally obtain firearms. The New York Times say the state is issuing what has become the permit of choice for many gun owners.

Fifteen years after Utah loosened rules on concealed firearm permits by waiving residency and other requirements, the state is increasingly attracting firearm owners throughout the U.S. Nearly half of the 241,811 permits granted by the state are now held by nonresidents. In 2004, Utah received about 8,000 applications for the permits. Last year, 73,925 applications were submitted – with nearly 60 percent coming from nonresidents. Utah stands out because its permit is relatively inexpensive and is broadly accepted, and the requisite safety class can be taken anywhere. By passing the class and the background check, and paying a $65.25 fee, the applicant receives what many consider to be the most prized gun permit in the nation. Permits are good for five years and cost $10 to renew.

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