New Chicago Gun Law Includes One-Weapon-Per-Month Limit


For the first time in decades, it would be legal for Chicagoans to keep handguns in their homes, under a proposal that Mayor Richard Daley is making in response to this week’s Supreme Court decision that gutted the city’s handgun ban, the Chicago Tribune reports. The proposal, which is expected to win City Council approval today, includes many limitations and requirements, including the exclusion of garages, porches, and outside stairs from the definition of a home. The restrictions could trigger a legal challenge from at least some of the pro-gun forces that put the gun ban on its death bed.

“There are numerous problems,” said Alexa Fritts of the National Rifle Association. “It is extremely restrictive and completely against the intent of the Supreme Court ruling. “It is ludicrous for someone to fear prosecution for fending off an attacker in their garage,” she added. Top city attorney Mara Georges said what city leaders are calling the Responsible Gun Ownership Ordinance was designed to withstand any court challenge. The city backed off on some proposals it was considering, such as requiring all handgun owners to acquire special liability insurance and limiting the number of handguns in each home to one for each qualified person. The new law would allow each qualifying gun owner in a home to buy one handgun a month after obtaining a Chicago firearm permit that requires five hours of weapons training. That permit would then allow its holder to register each handgun, as required by the city. People who have committed violent crimes or have two or more convictions for driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, would not qualify for the city gun permit.

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