Gun-Rights Advocates Challenge Laws In NC, CA, NJ


Lawsuits testing state and local gun-control laws are being filed or planned after this week’s Supreme Court decision extending the right to bear arms. The Second Amendment Foundation already has challenged a North Carolina gun law that makes it illegal for anyone to carry a gun off their property during a declared state of emergency, reports National Public Radio.

The nation’s most stringent gun regulations are in California, and a host of gun laws there are targets – from the state’s assault weapons ban to local laws. Gun rights attorney Don Kilmer is challenging the requirements for carrying a gun in public. “We’re just saying the state of California has to be evenhanded and have standards for issuing these permits,” he says. “It can’t be up to the discretion of the local sheriff who you either voted for or didn’t vote for in the last election.” New Jersey, with its waiting periods and mandatory background checks, also has tough gun laws. “New Jersey gun laws are insane,” says Scott Bach, president of the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs. The association has already filed suit against the New Jersey law, which limits most gun buyers to one gun a month.

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