Ogletree: Report On Gates Arrest Disappointing, “Unbelievable”


Harvard Law Prof. Charles Ogletree, who represented Harvard Prof. Henry Louis Gates in the case over the arrest last summer at his Cambridge, Ma., home, tells the Boston Globe that the new report on the case by a commission is disappointing. “For the report to say both Gates and Crowley had an equal opportunity to deescalate the situation is just breathtaking and unbelievable,” says Ogletree. “The person with control and power to make an arrest that day was Sergeant James Crowley, not professor Gates. It was wrong of Crowley to arrest him.”

Ogletree also says that Gates and Crowley “have been in constant contact” and went out to dinner together a few months ago. “They are friendly and they are still talking, and I am very hopeful there can be a larger forum to bridge the gap between police and the community,” Ogletree says. Ogletree says he told Gates, who does not plan to file a lawsuit over the episode, that “even though he has a right to say what he did to Crowley, demanding his name and badge number, I wouldn't advise it. I tell my law students never, ever to ask a police officer for his name and badge number, because the answer is not going to be satisfactory. It's just going to escalate the situation.”

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