Democrats Get The Political Benefit From Court’s Gun Ruling


Democrats will reap the most benefit over yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling extending the individual right to own a gun, reports Democratic candidates across the map figure they have one fewer issue to worry about on the campaign trail. They won't have to defend against Republican attacks over gun rights and an angry, energized base of gun owners. “It removes guns as a political issue because everyone now agrees that the Second Amendment is an individual right and everybody agrees that it's subject to regulation,” said Lanae Erickson of the centrist think tank Third Way.

The likely removal–or at least neutralization–of the gun issue this fall is key in the battle for the House and Senate. The Democratic majorities in both chambers were built, in part, on victories in pro-gun states and districts that have been difficult terrain for Democratics as a result of the national party's position on gun control. A Democratic congressional aide said the ruling makes it harder for Republicans or the National Rifle Association to argue that “if Democrats are in charge they're going to come get your guns.” predicts “the ruling will unleash a wave of lawsuits challenging gun possession ordinances in cities and states across the country, placing it near the top of the Supreme Court's agenda.”

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