Dallas Official Apologizes, Defends Police Escort For Cop Killer Funeral


The Dallas Police Department’s second in command apologized but defended a decision to provide an escort for the funeral procession of Chief David Brown’s son, who killed a Lancaster, Tx., officer and another man, says the Dallas Morning News. “The decision to utilize these resources was unplanned, and the sole purpose of their presence was to address the immediate public safety issue,” said First Assistant Chief Charlie Cato, adding that he did not intend “in any way to be disrespectful to any fallen officer.”

Policing experts called the decision to call for a last-minute motorcycle escort risky at best, and potentially life-threatening. “A lot of cops are hurt and killed on escorts,” said Sgt. Rob Grimsley, a motorcycle unit supervisor with the Charleston County sheriff’s office in Charleston, S.C. “Anytime you go away from your protocols and training, it’s going to turn around and bite you.” (The idea of a police escort for a cop killer is a longstanding one; Grits for Breakfast blogger Scott Henson noted that the casket of presidential and police officer killer Lee Harvey Oswald had one.)

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