Dallas Chief Son “Psychotic Breakdown” Cited Before Shootings


This week’s incident involving the son of Dallas Police Chief David Brown illustrates the difficulties of assessing some domestic-violence situations. The Dallas Morning News says the live-in girlfriend of the son made a frantic call to Lancaster, Tx., police Sunday morning, telling them that her boyfriend had had a “psychotic breakdown,” had hit her, and had thrown her out of their apartment.

The call from Misti Conaway came hours before David Brown Jr. killed two men, including a Lancaster officer, and was then shot to death by police. Lancaster Police Chief Keith Humphrey said later that Conaway said there had been no assault, and officers checked out the apartment and found nothing amiss. Lancaster police did not arrest Brown. “It just shows that we never know at any given time when something can escalate,” Humphrey said. “I can assure you that the officers that responded ([earlier]) know they did all that they could do with that call.”

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