White House Launches “Above The Influence” Media Antidrug Drive


White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske unveiled “Above the Influence,” a new national anti-drug campaign, in Milwaukee yesterday, reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. President Obama has requested about $45?million nationally for the campaign. The media blitz include commercials, billboards, ads on bus shelters, radio spots, and social media like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

The Office of National Drug Control Policy chose Milwaukee, Portland, Or., and Bronx, N.Y., to roll out the pilot program, in part because those cities have strong partner groups such as the Boys & Girls Clubs, Kerlikowske said. The media strategy is “driven by the thoughts and attitudes of young people who have made the decision not to be involved in drugs,” he said. Teenagers from several Boys & Girls Clubs around the city designed logos and posters for the campaign. They also helped create a video describing the influences, both positive and negative, they face every day. Across the state, drug use overall has been flat or declining for the past several years. The proportion of high school students using marijuana has increased, said the 2009 Wisconsin Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

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