GA Sheriff: Lazy Jail Officers Didn’t Check IDs, Freed 4 By Mistake


The Clayton County, Ga., sheriff is blaming the laziness of 30 corrections officers for the wrongful release of four inmates from the county jail, reports CBS Atlanta. It is possible that other inmates have been released improperly. The news station, quoting Sheriff Kem Kimbrough Sr., said the corrections officers didn’t follow proper procedure when checking the identity of four inmates released in late April and early May.

Three of the inmates have been captured by the fugitive task force, but one remains at large. Kimbrough told CBS that Atlanta corrections officers, including supervisors, were lazy when it came to checking identities and that they believed what the inmates told them without verifying it. “These corrections officers, that included supervisors, were just lazy,” Kembrough told the station. “I am absolutely appalled and disgusted and I am not going to stand for it.” The mistake was caught in another department that matches fingerprints with inmates’ files, Kimbrough said. That was when the jail realized inmates’ fingerprints didn’t match their files. The jail is reviewing 1,800 inmates to ensure others did not give fake names. The jail is also overhauling its procedures to ensure incidents like this don’t occur again, CBS Atlanta said.

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