VA Consolidates Information On Indicators Of Family Violence


A new Virginia report measures family violence by locality and consolidates information about how violence affects a wide range of people, from children to the elderly, says the Associated Press. The report by the Family and Children’s Trust Fund doesn’t include new data. But it marks the first time Virginia has consolidated information about the occurrence of child abuse and domestic violence in an attempt to boost efforts to prevent and address such violence.

FACT executive director Fran Inge said the report provides a more complete picture of family violence and will serve as a baseline by which to measure trends and draw conclusions about how to combat family violence. The report includes statistics on indicators of family health and well-being that are connected with the prevalence of family violence, including percentage of population that lives below the poverty line, unemployment rates and the number of drug- and alcohol-related arrests. Other indicators show the extent of family violence, including reports of domestic abuse and neglect, domestic homicides of children and adults and sex offenses against family members. The General Assembly created FACT in 1986 as a public-private group that works to prevent and treat family violence.

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