Helmke: ‘NRA Exemption’ Is Appeasement For Gun Lobby


Paul Helmke, president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, comments on the Huffington Post about what is being called the “NRA exemption” to the campaign finance disclosure bill. He writes that the NRA has pressured the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives to exempt it from proposed legislation that would require corporations, unions, and advocacy and lobbying groups to reveal donations used to support political campaigns. Under H.R. 5175, every other group or corporation would have to report the names of people who donate at least $600 to expenditures directed at or available for election activities.

He writes, “It seems there is a new condition that must be met before almost any federal legislation is allowed to proceed: Make sure the legislation doesn’t upset the gun lobby bosses. What this deal ultimately would do is create a two-tier system for political speech — one for the NRA fat cats and the other for everyone else. I strongly urge House members to reflect deeply upon whom it is they are supposed to represent and protect, and oppose this tarnished legislation. I urge every American who wishes to be heard on the most important issues of our time to contact congressional leaders and urge them to stop this proposal.”

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