PA Paper Calls For ‘Sensible, Responsible Gun Ownership’


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorializes about gun rights, saying “these rights are no more absolute than any other constitutional rights that must be tempered by common sense and responsibility to co-exist in harmony with other rights.” The newspaper says the state is struggling to make sense of various gun laws. For example, a number of municipalities have passed laws to require gun owners to report lost or stolen firearms, and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court last week issued an order that allowed Philadelphia’s stolen handgun reporting ordinance to stand in what the editorial called a “rare rebuff to the gun lobby.”

The paper also called on the Legislature to close a loophole that exploits a reciprocity rule between states that allows Pennsylvania residents to apply by mail to the Florida Department of Agriculture to get a permit to carry concealed firearms in Pennsylvania, even if denied such permission by authorities here on the grounds of a criminal history. It continues, “It seems incredible, but more than 3,100 Pennsylvania residents have sought Florida permits that are valid in Pennsylvania. Although it is not known if they were barred here first, the potential for trouble is disturbing. The House Judiciary Committee will discuss a bill to close the loophole — House Bill 2536 — on Tuesday and the gun lobby is bound to be there in force in defense of the indefensible. We hope the Western Pennsylvanians on this committee will not be deterred from standing up for this measure in the name of sensible, responsible gun ownership.”

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