Profs. Cook, Ludwig Describe ‘Five Myths About Gun Control’


Writing in the Washington Post, public policy professors Philip J. Cook and Jens Ludwig delineate what they call five myths about gun control. They say the first myth is the bumper-sticker slogan, “Guns kill people; people don’t kill people.” Cook and Ludwig write that the key question is whether guns make violent events more lethal. Citing a groundbreaking study by professor Franklin Zimring, they write that during the typical unplanned confrontation, “Offenders use whatever weapon is at hand, and having a gun available makes it more likely that the victim will die.”

The other myths they cite: Gun laws affect only law-abiding citizens; when more households have guns for self-defense, crime goes down; in high-crime urban neighborhoods, guns are as easy to get as fast food, and repealing Chicago’s handgun ban will dramatically increase gun crimes.

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