Post Criticizes Justice Dept. For Delaying Prison Rape Standards


The Washington Post editorializes against the Justice Department for its slow-footed response to a report last June by the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission. The report was delivered to Attorney General Eric Holder last June. But law, he was given one year to consider its recommendations and issue standards to reduce the scourge of sexual violence in the nation’s prisons. The Justice Department is about to miss its June 23 deadline.

The Post says, “The department will not say, but those following this issue closely estimate that the Justice Department is unlikely to take action until the end of this year. At that time, federal prisons will be obligated to adopt whatever standards Justice approves. State and local facilities will not be forced to embrace the measures for another year after that. In the meantime, more prisoners — including juveniles — will have been senselessly brutalized.” The paper says the department has “abdicated its responsibility to lead.”

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