Feds Arrest 2,200, Seize $154 Million In Narcotics Dragnet


In what was billed as the largest U.S. dragnet in the war on drugs from the Southwest Border, federal officials say they have arrested more than 2,200 people, including a top Mexican cartel leader, seized nearly 75 million tons of drugs and confiscated $154 million in cash, reports the Los Angeles Times. The crackdown, “Project Deliverance,” was hailed as part of a nearly two-year, multi-agency operation in the Obama administration’s effort to fight the escalating and murderous Mexican drug trafficking operations.

It remains to be seen, however, what effect the dragnet truly will have on violence along the border, where Mexicans are being killed in record numbers and the White House recently announced the deployment of National Guard troops to bolster the U.S. response there. But federal law enforcers called it a major attempt at striking back at the transportation networks of the cartels moving drugs, guns and money. The operator included 3,000 agents arresting 429 people in 16 states on Wednesday alone.

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