COPS To Revitalize Regional Community Policing Institutes


Bernard Melekian, director of the federal Community Oriented Policing Services office (COPS), is doing a lot of traveling in his first year on the job. “I will go to any place that wants me, and maybe some places that didn't realize they wanted me,” he tells COPS is holding “emerging issues” forum. The first was on procedural justice, and others will include “values based policing, or about the development of our regional community policing institutes, which were very successful back in the 90s and then sort of dwindled over the years. One of my goals is to revitalize them and bring them back,” Melekian says.

The COPS director will fund a series of workshops with the Police Executive Research Forum on the deployment of tasers by local law enforcement agencies. He also vows to “build a stronger connection between law enforcement and academics to study best practices.”

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