Police Use Of Force? It’s A Rare Event, Milwaukee Study Finds


How often do police use force in arrests? In Milwaukee, it was only used in only 1.07 percent of arrests made last year, says a new report quoted by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. The relatively infrequent use of force by the city’s police officers contrasts with a general perception that police use force much more often, said Michael Tobin, director of the city’s fire and police commission.

One goal of the study was to “document reality as opposed to a lot of the perceptions and myths that exist relating to police use of force,” said author Steven Brandl, who chairs the Department of Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. “This is completely in line with other research that’s been done at other departments that’s come to the conclusion that the use of force is a relatively rare event,” he said. The study was based on police reports filed any time an officer uses force, ranging from an officer firing a gun to an officer using bodily force on a person.

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