Holder: Drug Courts Prove Redemption, Rehab Are Possible


Attorney General Eric Holder, speaking in Boston yesterday at the nation's largest conference on drugs and crime, said drug courts play a key role in rehabilitating addicts and reducing crime and should be available to more people, especially juveniles, the Boston Globe reports. “At my Justice Department this is a top priority,'' Holder told the National Association of Drug Court Professionals. “You have proven that redemption and rehabilitation are possible.''

Drug courts, first established in Miami in 1989 and now operating in every state, give those arrested a last chance to stay out of jail by committing to treatment under intense court supervision. Holder said there is lower recidivism among those who graduate from drug court and that more money needs to be allocated for additional drug courts. “I believe that we can put drug courts within reach of every person who needs them, and I am confident that we can,'' he said.

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