Crime Suspects Try To Use Text Messages As Alibis


Crime suspects are trying to use text messages from victims’ phones as alibis, the Wall Street Journal reports. Detective Lt. John Azzata, chief of the Nassau County, N.Y., homicide squad, said his office has begun work on several cases in which alleged killers have tried to use their victims’ cellphones to establish alibis. Said Azzata, a 28-year veteran: “People are taking advantage of cellphones in some nefarious ways nowadays.”

Attempting to establish a text alibi can backfire for those who might later want to seek a more lenient sentence by claiming the crime was committed in the heat of the moment, said prosecutor Michael Walsh. “If we can show that somebody is actually trying to cover their tracks like that then it speaks volumes about the state of mind at the time of the crime, the planning of the crime and what the person’s intent was,” he said. “It can really speak to whether a crime was premeditated or not.”

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