AZ Gov Tells Obama Her State Is Under Drug, Immigration Siege


Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said she will paint a picture of her state as “under siege” by Mexican drug cartels and illegal immigrants in a meeting today with President Barack Obama, reports the Arizona Republic. Despite their strong disagreement over Arizona’s controversial new immigration law, Brewer is hopeful she can convince Obama that her state is in urgent need of more federal help to secure the border.

“We are the gateway to America for (cross-border) drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping and crime, and we in Arizona are no longer going to put up with it,” Brewer said on the eve of her meeting. “People along the border are living in fear daily. I don’t think the president really understands that.” Obama has called the law “misguided” and said he is concerned that it could lead to civil-rights violations. Attorney General Eric Holder is considering whether to file a legal challenge. Brewer said she hopes to convince the president that challenging the law in court will not stop it from being enforced. “We’re going to proceed,” Brewer said. “If they’re not going to enforce the law in America, we’re going to enforce it in Arizona.”

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