Homicide Uptick Has Minneapolis Worried About Gang Violence


The Minneapolis Star Tribune reports on a dangerous feud among local gangs, one that has caused an uptick in the city’s murder rate after several years of decline. It has everyone from beat cops to pastors to the mayor fearful of what lies ahead this summer if the feud escalates. Some of them say the volatile new gangs are less organized and harder to control than gangs of a decade ago. “They don’t want to listen to anybody,” said Bishop Richard Howell of Shiloh Temple International Ministries, which has worked with troubled youth. “They just want to retaliate.”

A recent murder was the city’s 20th so far this year — a tally now higher than all of last year — and it was particularly brazen: He was walking on a heavily used bike path along a lake when he was ambushed. Investigators say they’re worried that fellow gang members will avenge his death. The Taliban gang is one of the most active and violent gangs in Minneapolis, but it’s not large, said a police officer, adding that the Taliban has tried to gain respect from other gangs through violence.

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