“Culture Of Retaliation” In Leaderless U.S. Firearms Agency?


CNN reports on a “culture of retaliation” in the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, citing an agent named Vince Cefalu who says he is being retaliated against for complaining about agency plans for an illegal wiretap. ATF denies the wiretap story but Cefalu sits in his office near San Francisco with little to do. “He says it’s punishment for speaking out,” CNN says.

CNN quotes an ATF supervisor as saying that the agency’s lack of a permanent director for four years has caused personnel problems. CNN reports that in the last six years, ATF has had more complaints filed per employee than either the FBI or the DEA, both much larger agencies. Cefalu won’t quit, he says, because, “I spent my whole life standing up to bullies. That’s all I’m good at. The bullies right now are government bureaucrats who are abusing their oath and abusing the expectations of the public.”

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