NY Prosecutor Adopts CompStat Methods To Analyze Crime Trends


Manhattan's chief prosecutor has announced the formation of a unit that will use a CompStat-like approach to detecting, analyzing, and tackling crime trends, reports the New York Times. The Crime Strategies Unit will rely on a computer database to allow prosecutors to draw parallels among cases, unearth crime patterns in particular areas and make more informed decisions on how to handle defendants, said Cyrus R. Vance Jr., Manhattan district attorney.

“Our goal is to utilize modern technology, modern techniques to synchronize our efforts within the office on prosecution strategies,” he said. “We believe this is the method that best marries the concept of geographic accountability with individual case integrity and processing.” The unit will be led by David O’Keefe, an assistant district attorney, who will report to Chauncy Parker, the head of the office's crime prevention strategies. Although the Police Department already gathers detailed data through systems like CompStat, its computerized crime-tracking system, Parker said the new unit would help synchronize the work of his office and that of the police.

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