After Officer Killings, AR Chief Orders Shotguns At Traffic Stops


West Memphis, Ar., police officer Bill Evans was found lying face down in a ditch after being shot multiple times last Thursday by a 16-year-old, including a shot in the back, police chief Bob Paudert told the Memphis Commercial Appeal. The teenager Joseph Kane, firing an AK-47, also killed a second officer — Paudert’s oldest son, 39-year-old Brandon. Kane and his father, identified as an anti-government extremist, were killed in a shootout with police.

Paudert now has officers carrying shotguns on traffic stops. He said one officer should approach while a second stands back with a shotgun ready to fire if the situation turns dangerous. “Brandon and Bill had no chance against an AK-47,” Paudert said. “They were completely outgunned. We are dealing with people who rant and rave about killing. They want government officials dead. We had a 16-year-old better armed than the police.”

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