MA Probation Chief Suspended During Probe Of His Agency


Massachusetts Probation Commissioner John O'Brien was suspended as the state's highest court appointed a special counsel to conduct a “prompt and thorough'' investigation into the state agency, reports the Boston Globe. The Supreme Judicial Court named Paul Ware Jr., a Boston lawyer with broad experience investigating alleged public corruption, as independent counsel, granted him subpoena power, and asked him to finish his probe within 90 days.

O'Brien's suspension, with pay, was announced a day after the Globe detailed his tenure at an agency that is pervaded with patronage jobs, in which political contributions are often associated with advancement, and where lax financial oversight has left the department vulnerable to theft. “We are deeply concerned with not only the proper administration of the Probation Department, but with how such reports may affect the public's perception of the integrity of all aspects of the judicial branch,'' said Chief Justice Margaret Marshall and Judge Robert Mulligan, the trial court's chief justice for administration and management.

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