Files In Private Probe Of Nashville Crime Stats Are Stolen


Secret files and audio recordings that were part of a private investigation about the way former Nashville Police Chief Ronal Serpas kept crime statitistics were reported stolen this month, the Tennessean reports. Jack Byrd, a lawyer for the Teamsters union when it represented the city’s police officers, worked with some police officers over four years to collect information.

Those materials – including secret recordings of Serpas – were stolen from Byrd’s offices sometime between May 12 or May 13 in what several people familiar with the incident have characterized as a “professional” burglary. Ihe investigation focused on Compstat, the numbers-driven system pioneered by the New York City police department that uses crime data and mapping to help spot patterns quickly and throw resources into troubled areas. Under Serpas, who implemented the Compstat program in Nashville, crime statistics declined for six consecutive years, but some rank-and-file officers and city leaders questioned their accuracy.

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