OH Senate Panel Votes Against Public Safety Chief Nominee


An Ohio Senate panel voted 5-4 against confirming state Public Safety Director Cathy Collins-Taylor, reports the Columbus Dispatch. “At the very least, it seems she was less than transparent,” said Sen. John A. Carey Jr. “I believe the director of Public Safety has to be beyond reproach.” A confirmation process that often doesn’t include more than the reading of the appointee’s name was turned into a two-day marathon for Collins-Taylor, after an Ohio inspector general’s report accused her of lying under oath about her role in canceling a State Highway Patrol contraband sting at the Governor’s residence.

Republican senators did not let her explanations trump the report, and some said they wished she had just admitted the sting was canceled to save the governor some embarrassment. “It’s not really the crime, it’s the cover-up,” said Sen. David Goodman. “Alternative stories were created. It’s a fabrication to say this sting operation was discontinued because it was dangerous to officers and dangerous to the governor.” Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland, who appointed Collins-Taylor, said t was clear the process was never going to be fair.

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